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How to export designs from Figma to Loops for fast audience feedback

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How does it work?

We created the Figma plugin so that you can test creative ideas with consumers, bookmark the best feedback, then see it as a task list back in Figma for you to work through.

How will this help me create better creative work?

You will be able bring the voice of the customer into your workflow with zero hassle. This plugin will allow you to test assumptions, remove risks, and make design changes far more simply. Imagine being able to iterate work three times in a day based on facts, not gut feeling.

How will it help me sell my thinking?

When you present work to stakeholders or clients, you will be able to show the evolution of the thinking and ideas based on what the target audience think. This demonstrates rigour and care and makes your output hard to argue against.

Instruction Guide

Grab the plugin from Figma here

Loops Feedback

Exporting designs to Loops for easy feedback

Seeing your audience feedback inside Figma

Rather than sending an updated design to the same project in Loops, Loops will automatically create a new 'loop'.

Note: If you registered to Loops via LinkedIn or Google

Figma plugin password not working?

You cannot log into the Loops Figma plugin if you registered to Loops via Google or LinkedIn SSO. However, you can log in by doing the following;

  1. Log in to Loops via your browser

  2. Click your avatar at the top right on the main bar

  3. Click ‘Settings’ from the dropdown menu

  4. Navigate to ‘Change password’

  5. Set a new password

  6. Open the Loops plugin in Figma and login with the email address and new password

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