When you add content to Loops, you can work in 'Group mode'. Rather than testing, this allows you and your team members to collaborate and discuss your assets and designs.

What is Group mode for?

Group mode is for discussing designs collectively, where everyone can see each others' comments, reply to comments, and if you're doing a live session, see who else is online.

When to use Group mode?

  • Design reviews with team members

  • Stakeholder alignment with bosses / clients

  • Focus groups with users / customers

Tips & Pointers

Context is king

  • Highlight the content's level of fidelity - is it in discovery phase, or ready to launch?

  • Explain the job being done by the end user so the purpose of the design is clear

  • What are your assumptions? List them out upfront so people know you've considered them

  • Explain what success or failure looks like for the end user

  • List out what respondents should ignore (e.g. white space)

Leverage your networks

We've made it easy to get feedback from your trusted Slack channels and social networks because reviewers don't need to sign up or log in to leave comments.

Sense check your info before sending

Always sense check what you are asking of people before you request their time. If you feel your supporting context is vague, it's a good sign you're not ready to run a test yet.

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