Save yourself time and hassle on finding people for feedback and use our global panels instead

You can get first results in as little as 10 minutes from going live. However, speed depends on how niche your audience is. The broader your required audience, the faster the feedback, and vice versa.

First, you'll need credits (top right, see highlighted)

How credits work

  • 1 credit = 1 respondent = $8

  • Ask up to a (recommended) maximum of 10 questions for 1 credit

  • Credits are bought in bundles via the platform

  • Credit bundles start at $200 for 25 credits = $8 each (e.g. a test with 30 consumers = 30 credits = $240)

Specifying an audience for feedback

You can define your ideal audience with filters. Be mindful that the more filters you apply, the smaller the available audience, so it may take longer to get your feedback.

  • Age range: 18+

  • Sex: Female, male, non-binary, etc.

  • Location: Choose from USA, UK, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Poland, China, and Japan (more are available*)

  • Education

  • Employment status

  • Relationship status

  • Industry

  • Company department

  • Job Role

  • Hobbies & Interests

Other countries not listed

We can connect you to respondents from over 40 countries, so if you need people from somewhere not listed above, message us via the chat widget on the Loops dashboard and we can arrange access.

Recommended minimum people per test

Because feedback from different people can vary, we recommend recruiting at least 30 people to give you a solid range of opinions.

How many questions can I ask in one test?

We recommend you ask your respondents a maximum of 10 questions (which costs 1 credit).

Respondent quality guarantee
If you’re unhappy with any paid respondents or their answers, you can flag them in the platform and you will not be charged for their input.

Simply click on the flag icon in the top right corner of every comment box. (See marked with purple.)

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