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Accessing Loops' global audiences
Accessing Loops' global audiences

Specify your target audience to get tailored feedback

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Save yourself time and hassle on finding people for feedback and use our global panels instead

You can get first results in as little as 10 minutes from going live. However, speed depends on how niche your audience is. The broader your required audience, the faster the feedback, and vice versa.

First, you'll need credits (bottom left, see highlighted)

What do respondents costs?

  • Project account/Pilot projects: £12/ $15 each + ask 10 Qs

  • Pro account: £10/$12 each + ask 15 Qs

  • Enterprise account: We create a custom price for you.

  • B2B respondents are costed on a job-per-job basis and typically start from £20/$26 per person. However, this can go much higher if we are recruiting people with a niche profile.

    If you are using your own respondents, e.g. sending a link to your CRM or socials, we do not charge you a respondent fee.

How do I pay for respondents?

  • Pilot projects - we agree on how many you need (plus professional servicing) and bill 50% upfront and 50% when the project is completed.

  • Pro Account - we bill you in arrears at the end of each month based on your usage, e.g. If you use 500 respondents in May, Loops bills the account holder £5,000/$6,000 on June 1st (500 x £10/$12); plus the subscription fee for June

    £979/$1,158 (total £5,979/$7,158).

  • Enterprise Account - we create custom arrangements which typically involve larger credit bundles with bulk-buy discounts.

Specifying an audience for feedback

You can define your ideal audience with filters. Be mindful that the more filters you apply, the smaller the available audience, so it may take longer to get your feedback.

  • Age range: 18+

  • Sex

  • Location: Choose from USA, Canada, Mexico, UK, Ireland, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Poland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Greece, Netherlands, Turkey, Brazil, Indonesia Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, India, Bangladesh, China, and Japan (lots more are available too)

  • Education

  • Employment status

  • Relationship status

  • Income

  • Industry

  • Company department

  • Job Role

  • Hobbies & Interests

  • etc etc etc 👍

Customised screeners for very specific audiences

If you are on a paid subscription you can request priority support to setup very specific filters for you e.g. "I need people who currently use the mobile app at Walmart when in store" or "I need fans of Football who've been to a Premier League game in the last 12 months."

Recommended minimum people per test

Because feedback from different people can vary, we recommend recruiting at least 100 people to give you a solid range of opinions.

How many questions can I ask in one test?

We recommend you ask your respondents a maximum of 10 questions (which costs 1 credit).

Respondent quality guarantee
If you’re unhappy with any paid respondent's answers (i.e. they've written nonsense), you can flag them in the platform and you will not be charged for their input.

Simply click on the flag icon in the bottom right corner of every comment box. (See marked with purple.)

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