If you have access to an audience already (e.g. your users, or your clients' customers etc.), then you can send a test directly to them (instead of using Loops' paid panels).

To send tests to your own audiences, you don't need credits - it's free!

How to send tests to your audiences

  1. First, create your test (see here for a guide)

  2. Click 'Bring your own' to select your own audience

  3. Apply the parameters you want (e.g. how many participants, anonymous or no, language, etc.)

  4. Add a welcome message - this is optional, but recommended, as it offers your respondents context about your test

  5. Add an optional screener to make sure the test is sent to the most relevant respondents (e.g. do you have a driving licence?)

  6. Click 'Confirm & set live' in the bottom right of the tab to set your test live and generate a shareable link

  7. Send the link to your networks via social channels, email, or team messenger software

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