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Where does Loops recruit people from and how does it work?
Where does Loops recruit people from and how does it work?

How we find you the right audience for feedback

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Where do respondents come from?

Loops is integrated with a global panel marketplace, which means we have access to over 300 different panel providers (110+ million people) around the world.

How long does the recruitment process take?

B2C respondents:

After you have specified your unique audience and set your test live, the recruitment process is immediate. The relevant panels will be automatically notified and if a respondent in any of the panels matches your criteria, they will be invited to Loops to participate in the survey.

This means that instead of waiting days to recruit respondents manually, you can access your audience within minutes.

B2B respondents:

If you would like to target B2B audiences, recruitment can take longer. Please speak to your Loops team for guidance.

How do you ensure quality from your respondents?

Loops applies a machine-learning model that detects and removes bad verbatim, such as gibberish, from your test. This means that bad data from offending respondents will not be pulled through into your results and you will not be charged for their input. In addition, if you’re unhappy with any paid respondent, you can also manually flag them in the platform, and we will not charge you for them. This is our quality guarantee.

Do you capture personal data?

Loops does not request or collect any personal data from respondents. They remain anonymous, meaning there are no GDPR implications.

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