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How to use demographic filters
How to use demographic filters

Tailor your audience to suit your needs

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When you run a test on our platform, you can tailor your audience depending on the your demographic requirements, giving you a clearer and more accurate picture of consumer attitudes.

NOTE: you cannot change your audience filter preferences once the test is live.

How to use the audience filter for Loops' audience

  1. On the 'Test' page, once you've set your questions, click 'Set audience' at the bottom right of the section.

  2. Select the 'Use Loops' audience' option.

  3. You will then be shown a range of filters you can adjust, including size of audience, gender, age range, audience ethnicity, location, etc. There are 132 filters available (number of available filters vary between selected countries).

  4. Select any of the additional options if needed.

  5. Once you've made all your selections, click 'Review & set live' and verify you have added all the correct options and then click 'Confirm & set live'

What is the feasibility scale?

This feature predicts how many respondents will complete your test within the 3 available time frames (1 day, 3 days and 7 days in field). For Countries like the UK and the US, you will typically have no problem getting all your desired responses within 1 day.

However, when you target less populated and remote countries or filter for very specific demographics, you will find that you might need to set your tests for longer to reach the desired participant number.

What are custom quotas?

Once you have selected all your demographic options and filters, you have the option to segment your audience.

If you have selected more than 2 options on a filter (e.g. both genders, married and single, own dogs and cats) you can select what percentage of the audience fits a certain demographic.

  1. Select the 'Customise quotas (None set)

  2. Select which demographics you have to segment by

  3. Input the percentage split you desire (must add up to 100%)

If you cannot find a specific demographic filter for your test or require additional custom screening. Contact your designated customer success manager or email us at [email protected]

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