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How to use demographic filters
How to use demographic filters

Tailor your audience to suit your needs

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When you run a test on our platform, you can tailor your audience depending on the target audience whose feedback you want, giving you a clearer and more accurate picture of consumer attitudes.

You can also tailor the feedback you receive, helping you focus on certain sentiments and tags.

NOTE: you cannot change your audience filter preferences once the test is live.

How to use the audience filter for Loops' audience

  1. On the 'Surveys' page, once you've set your questions, click 'Set audience' at the bottom right of the section

  2. Select the 'Use Loops' audience' option

  3. You will then be shown a range of filters you can adjust, including age, size of audience, audience ethnicity, location, etc. There are 32 filters available

  4. Select any of the additional options if needed.

  5. Once you've made all your selections, click 'Review & set live' and verify you have added all the correct options and then click 'Confirm & set live'

Filters might be limited depending on the market in which you want to test in.

If you cannot find the filters you are looking for:

  • Contact your Loops team - custom filters - pro accounts

  • Add a custom screening question in in the platform

  • Consider adding a question into your survey to further segment your audience

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