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Countries and languages you can test in
Countries and languages you can test in

Understanding Loops' global capabilities

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With Loops, you can reach respondents in over 100 countries around the world in minutes and test in almost any language.

How do I access Loops' global audiences?

  1. Create your Survey, upload your translated content and write your translated questions

  2. Click 'Select audience' in the bottom right corner

  3. Select the 'Use Loops' audience' option

  4. Name your survey, select the number of participants, gender and age range, then select your language from the 'Country' dropdown menu

Once your test is live, the respondent will see the fully localised version of the test.

Languages supported

Here are the countries and languages that Loops currently supports

We're adding new languages all the time, so if the language you need isn't listed, please contact us, as we can usually get this in place in days.

  • Bangladesh: Bengali

  • Brazil: Portuguese

  • China: Chinese Simplified

  • Columbia: Spanish

  • Croatia: Croatian

  • Czech Republic: Czech

  • Denmark: Danish

  • Egypt: Arabic

  • Finland: Finnish

  • France: French

  • Germany: German

  • Greece: Greek

  • India: Hindi

  • Indonesia: Indonesian

  • Italy: Italian

  • Japan: Japanese

  • Malaysia: Malay

  • Mexico: Spanish

  • Netherlands: Dutch

  • Norway: Norwegian

  • Poland: Polish

  • Portugal: Portuguese

  • Romania: Romanian

  • Russia: Russian

  • Saudi Arabia: Arabic

  • Serbia: Serbian

  • South Korea: Korean

  • Spain: Spanish

  • Sweden: Swedish

  • Thailand: Thai

  • Turkey: Turkish

  • United Arab Emirates: Arabic

  • United Kingdom: UK English

  • United States: US English

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